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Massage Therapist: For Massage Therapy also, so many courses
available in training Centers. Message Therapists should
know about Massage oils, Creams etc. So many medicinal
Oils, Creams will be there in this course.

Once you complete your course, you can become a licensed
Massage Therapist. But generally having practical experience
under an Ayurvedic Doctor is enough to become a Massage

Nowadays Massage Theraphy is also a big science to do
for best qualified Therapists. Nowadays Massage Theraphy
is a treatment to recover from health and long term
problems. Especially big hotels are preferring Massage
Therapy Services also to their customers.

Physio Theraphy centers also encouraging Massage Theraphy
in their Center to the customers, especially their aim
is to recover them through Massage Therapy.

Massage Therapists is better to maintain Visiting Cards
and they distribute those in Hotels, Physio theraphy
centers etc. Then only they will get good orders.
Substantial income is there in this field.

Wishing you all the best,