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Recruiter: Especially in Software Industry and specific Biology and chemical
industries seek for skilled persons to recruit them as employees.

Recruiters should have specific skills and knowledge to recruit right persons.
They can assist companies for selecting right persons in their companies.

Especially In software industry, having software skills in Struts, Hibernate
and spring frameworks are hotcakes in the present software industry.

If you are having specific skills and knowledge to recruit them, after 4 months
companies will pay good remuneration to them to recruit a person.

Recruiter also should have some moral ethics, to assist companies, which
type of skilled persons they required, with a commitment you should recruit
such persons, If not available, leave it. If available exact skill set,
candidates, you should recruit.

If you have such good will, companies will never leave you. You can get good
business, more than that; they will refer to other companies also.

One day your Recruitment Point will also become a big Consultancy Company
for the time-being.

Wishing you all the best,