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Tour Guide: Especially Tours & Travels Offices will
maintain Tour Guide for their travelling customers. By that,
they can increase their business.

If they are maintaining a Tour Guide, definitely Passengers
with come to take tickets easily.

Tour Guide also should have some basic practice, about the
locations, importance of the places. Generally they will
read books carefully with Olden years and location details.
Then only they explain well.

Once they are habituated 4 to 5 times, then it can be regular
process to them. Then they can relax for the time-being.

For every trial of tour, Tour Guides, should increase their
capability to explain well in a right way.

Not only that, they should know the best points for taking
Tea, Tiffin and Meals, before reaching the right locations.
It should become Cheap and best points.

While reaching prime locations, everything will become
costliest. So before reaching they will guide the passenger
about Tea, Tiffin and Meals points including refreshment

Then only those travel offices, increase their customers
continuously. Generally they will get moderate remuneration.
Generally it will become a part time work, to increase
their financial position.

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