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Music Instructor: If you are having good command
in Music, by using any type of instrument, for example,
if you are good at Piano, Guitar, Saxaphone, Drums,
Flute etc., you can become an instructor.

Daily One hour, if you conduct a class to them, it will
become a peaceful income to you. That course may be One
month for basic, two months for average, or 3 months
for become master, that is students will select according
to their interest and commitment.

Being a Music instructor, you should maintain good books
to them, for their further practice, up to basic level,
books are not good, for the time being, if they are reaching
good acquaintance, you can suggest them good books.

If available, it is better to sell yourself those books
with good margin, in this way also, you can get some
moderate income.

Some are dedicated professionals are with good popularity,
they can guide you to some other programs also to gain
some income.

Some can become, music directors also. So much of future
will be there.

Wishing you all the best,