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Event Management: In olden days, joint families
are there, if any event comes, event means marriage, birth day,
marriage day and business meets, anything will be considered
as event, to do grandly according to their capability,
they used to do themselves in the family.

Nowadays all most all are micro families, that means Parents
and children, by that way; they are not able to manage
themselves, anything in time. So they are depending on
Event Management Offices.

Event Management Offices: will manage birth days,
marriage days and marriages according to their capability.
These may be random services, even though full time
commitment is required, in certain timings.

Event Mangers should handle all types of workers for
decoration, Tiffin and Meals arrangements, glasses,
Plates and tables’ arrangements, suppliers, Dias
arrangements, seating arrangement, Tents, Flower
decoration, Water supply, Tent houses for cooking
vessels etc.

They should tie-up with 4 to 5 tent houses also, for immediate
availability, especially catering suppliers.

They should maintain Albums also, about their previous
event management. Then customers can decide immediately,
by seeing everything clearly and with their capability.

Event managers should always maintain alternative sources
for band, tent, Catering, water supply etc. because by any
reason, if any one not available, they are in the source
of getting new points to manage in time.

In this servies 50% margin will be available. Because, if
they maintaing events themselves, it will become costliest
in retail purchases; but event managers will purchase in
bulk for future events also, in that way, they will get
everything in wholesale price, so that, they can save

Event management Offices can provide, so many types of works
to workers, suppliers, caterers etc. which gives great
satisfaction and responsibility.

Nowadays in Mandal Level also, so many event management
Offices are raising according to the needs of the people.

Wishing you all the best,