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Franchise Owner: Especially Courier Companies, for example
DTDC Courier Company, Professional Courier Company, Blue
Dart Companies will give Franchise to certain areas to
expand their business.

Especially these companies will provide, Front Board,
Decoration, Pamphlets, Broachers, Books, Receipt Books
and Account Books everything will be provided by
Courier companies.

Being a Franchise Owner: You should have a premises before
the road side, if not rental premises should be there,
that rent should be paid by you, you should have a table
and Chair, that is only yours, remaining all will be
provided by Courier Company. You work is, you should
sit in the office, collect couriers.

Delivery boys also, will be paid employees of Courier
Companies only.

Not Franchise owners. In every bill, they will give 30%
margin, company will provide. For example, if any courier
cover has come worth of Rs. 100/- ; you can deduct Rs. 30,
for your remaining Rs. 70 will be taken by courier
company. Likewise comfortable profits will be there
in this business.

Just it is an example; likewise so many other companies
are also there in this Franchise business. For example
Himalaya Ayurvedic Medical shops, Apollo Medical Shops,
Medwin Medical Shops, likewise so many other companies
are also providing Franchise works.

Reason behind these Franchise works is… they can expand
their business with zero risk. For that only they are
providing 30% of margin in every sale.

Especially Franchise will be provided by Branded and
popular companies only in the market, So Franchise
Owners will have solid income with less risk.
Including advertising charges also will be provided
by those companies only.

Wishing you all the best,