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SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant: It is a vast subject,
generally nowadays bloggers are promoting their website
themselves, with their basic knowledge, for the time being,
they are improving their skills, by Youtube videos and
websites etc.

SEO is two types: Offline and Online
Page Optimization. In Offline Page Optimization, you should
set your html page with Title, Page Description, Url,
Keywords etc. including Vieport settings for
mobile devices also.

Online Optimization: You should promote
your site with Social media sites, for example,,,,, likewise.

Promoting website with Blog Posts, Comments, Back links etc.
If you are expertise in these works, by your job or by your
website, you can take the deal for promoting other websites.

So many business professionals, Organizations, Companies, Institutes
are promoting their website for getting business in Media.

In this SEO services, your income will be from Thousands to lakhs,
If deals are increasing. Some SEO based companies are also there
in Information Technology Industry.

So If you are expert in SEO by any mean, you can test your luck
in this field also. Future is yours.

Wishing you all the best,