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Business Model: If you are above 20 years of age,
interesting in Modeling, at the same time if you are
something handsome, you can become a Business Model.

Business Models should have acquaintance with add agencies;
they should maintain a photo album, about their poses
in different angles.

It will give quick response to Business Models from
add directors.

Nowadays Branded Garments, Readymade Shirts and Pants,
Jeans, every company is giving business adds in cinema
theaters, TV Channels etc. So all these will be good

But one thing is, you should not feel that, this will
not give, regular income, only random income, a side
income to your career and opportunities. Rarely some
people will get good add opportunities.

Some people will be promoted to Cinemas also.

One way Business Modeling is rare opportunity, even though,
it is an easy earning opportunity. Being a Business Model,
you should provide your Photos, Visiting Cards and register
your contact and address details to Add Agencies.
It gives good response.

Wishing you all the best,