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Website for Online Community: If you are interesting
to start an Online Community for specific purpose, then this
is the right opportunity to start a website for Online Forum,
users can discuss each other.

You can start a forum with ethical morals, to discuss the
subject and technologies in an honest manner, nowadays for
all the public technologies are the biggest challenge,
especially working in software companies, not only that,
bio technology students, Chemical technology students also
having so many queries to discuss in forums.

Forums will give a clue and hope about technologies, how far
those are amicable is you should asses yourself. Tuning
multiple brains for certain queries in technologies will
give, definite success.

Only one example is flying all birds at a time to cross the
river is easy, instead of one bird. This will be applicable
humans also to get the success smoothly, that success will
come through these forums.

Do not worry… Online forums also can earn money through
advertisements. That is more than enough to success and
survives, but we should wait certain period to gain profits.

We can take good and popular example is Reddit, Zomato
are the communities, who want to help each other.
Suppose if you want to see more examples, You can
search in google, by typing “Online Forums”, by this
you can see lot of websites. These will be useful
for getting examples.

Wishing you all the best,