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Technical Blog: If you are having good knowledge
in web designing, designing HTML pages, setting Images,
writing content and having awareness about software
technologies, then it is the right opportunity to you.

Not only in software technologies, if you are best in
Chemical engineering, relating to chemical technologies,
you can write a blog. Suppose you are best in Civil designs
and constructions, you can write a Civil Technology blog.

By that way, you can attract your customers, for new
ventures and projects.

Software technical blogs also can get good contracts
relating software projects. But you should have clear
contact details and email clearly. Then they can primarily
can contact through email, then phone, then if you like,
they can contact you directly, relating to their projects.

But… One thing… I will say, Creating a Blog is easy,
for that, you should have a life-time commitment to improve
the blog for the time being, Once it gets good popularity,
then you can change into Hosting server independently
for your won, instead of depending on other website.

Once it comes to Website, you should think about SEO also.
Your site may be good with good technologies and subject,
even though, it should known by all, that is a difficult
thing, for that you should depend on Primarily on SEO
Consultants to improve the web traffic.

For the time being, you can improve the web traffic, yourself
or by deploying employees for that work. Basically you
can improve the knowledge of SEO, Backlinks, Social Media
and related Forums etc.

For all these, you can depend on Youtube Videos primarily
to know what is what. Then you can improve yourself for
the time being.

Suppose if you are not having that much of time for SEO,
you can depend on SEO consultants, they will charge
something to improve web traffic. Primarily everyone
is better to depend on SEO Consultants only.

Because, you should have more stuff to implement from
scratch level. So beginning, you should struggle for
good UNIQ Content and technologies.

Do not worry about income, for the time being web traffic
increases, you can put adds from online add agencies and
e-commerce websites. By that you can get good commission
while your add products get sales. But in the initial stage,
you should have patience, to reach certain level.

In this, incomes are unlimited, sometimes, it reaches
to lakhs of rupees per month also. Once you get good
web traffic, you can see more in alexa ranking sites,
how they are getting money, in google search.

Wishing you all the best,