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Financial Products Selling: If you are a commerce
graduate, interesting in investment products, like Fixed
Deposits, Shares, Debentures, Insurance etc. Then this is
the right opportunity to start a consultancy office for
selling Financial Products.

Some will take insurance agency to sell Life Insurance,
Health Insurance etc. Some will take agency from Upcoming
banks, to sell fixed deposits. Providing Loans to Customers
on behalf of banks. For that they will charge some
commission on behalf of banks.

Banks will provide moderate commission to sell their
investment products and getting Loan opportunities
to their customers on behalf of banks.

Some consultancies will provide services about Selling
Shares and Debentures etc. and they will provide Demat
Accounts on behalf of customers, for their regular
investments in Shares and Debentures.

All customers cannot see internet for their regular
growth of their shares and debentures. So randomly
they will come to Consultancy office, with the help
of the associate in that office, they will see the
details, if they interest, they can sell or otherwise
invest in shares.

Some consultancies will take Franchise also, for example
Sharekhan.com is also good service provider for their
customers, those who are interesting to take
shares and debentures through Demat Accont.

Karvey consultancy is also one of the top consultancy
in providing services to customers regarding shares and

For these consultancies, Stock exchanges will provide
some commission on behalf of their customers investments.
So it is also a good service for earning moderate income.

But one thing is… Consultancies should have complete
understanding, pros & cons regarding their investment
products. They should disclose sincerely about benefits
and risks also clearly, then only, they can survive in
the industry in long-run with comfortable profits.

Wishing you all the best,