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Career Counseling: It is a good art, having this
thought is a creative point. Nowadays so many students
are confusing to select their own field according
to their abilities.

Especially 10th passed students and inter passed students.
They are not able to decide which type of career is better
to them.

Suppose 10th passed students, weak in mathematics can
select Commerce field, Who are having interest in
mathematics can go into the line of engineering,
like wise elders in the Career Counseling, can suggest
to Students according to their abilities.

Career Counseling points, generally will give training
in English speaking, basic mathematics etc. Generally
these two subjects will fulfill so many competitive exams.

So they can earn through Spoken English training, Basic
Mathematics training also. Career Counseling centers
can do Manpower consultancy also for their companies
and related organizations also, by that also they
can earn good income.

In career counseling, soft skills also will play a major
roll. Nowadays Only with core subjects, they cannot survive.
With those they should some basic computer knowledge,
Internet Browsing skills, going through their email,
Some typing skill with MS Word, Basic Calculations
and Tables through MS Excel is compulsory.

Nowadays we cannot do any type of job without basic
ms-office skills. So counseling points can earn good
income through these soft skills training also.

Every student should have the knowledge to type their
own resume in Ms Word and having browsing their own email,
these are must for any type of knowledge, these skills,
they can learn in Career counseling and training points.

Income is unlimited, if they get good recognition in this.
One man cannot handle counseling point, they should deploy
for maths one person, spoken English one person, Soft
skills one person, finally if you are in guidance key
counseling, it will give good response to the Career
point. Profits in this field is Unlimited.

Wishing you all the best,