Skilled labor and Staff in Manufacturing Industry:

Skilled labor in Manufacturing Industry:
For skilled labor, manufacturing industries will depend on HR consultancy agencies.

One type of industries will have that type of HR Consultancy agencies only. For example Pharmacy companies will depend on Pharmacy HR Consultancy agency.

Construction companies will depend on Civil services HR consultancy agencies. Likewise every type of company will depend on their own line of services.

Sometimes Human Resource companies will provide, staff and workers for multiple companies. In such case IRPM is the best solution to get skilled labor.

IRPM (Industrial Relations and Personal Management) is the only source to rectify this problem.

IRPM: Industrial Relations and Personal Management.

Always for every 3 months, one type of companies should maintain a get together. A Get-together will relieve from so many problems in the industries.

Have conferences, share the progress of each other and share their manpower problems, then get your resources with company management, with A HR Consultancy. Get your required manpower, then get the growth.

Separate IRPM is better: That means Pharmacy Industry,
Chemical industry likewise. By maintaining get together, they can share their problems, solve their Problems.

Especially relating to Raw-material, Substitutes in case of scarcity etc. Companies will fallow 60% same pattern of IRPM.

But Capacities, work orders, capabilities will change from company to company. All these will come under IRPM. If any place excess staff is there in particular skill area, they can share their staff and workers in a mutual understanding.

Some companies will express their opinion, where to get staff & works in a safe way. That is also others can fallow.

Some companies will make finished goods with raw-material. That finished goods will be taken by some other companies by making their own requirements.

Especially for marketing, sometimes they will depend on branded marketing agencies. For example Brook bond, Tata Tea etc.

IRPM will give right solution in all phases of manufacturing and marketing also. For getting skilled labor and staff, Human Resource Consultancy agencies will give right solution.

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