How to create a MySql database in our GoDaddy Hosting Server: Articles Page 7

Before creating database, everyone will have a thought,
for what purpose we should create database in our hosting
server.Generally every business website will seek for Leads.
They want to keep their Leads data in their database.

So every website will have a Lead-Capture page, In short
it will be called as Email page. Once if they enter into
website they like to see more and contact further, they
should enter their Name and Email details. That Page
will be called as Lead capture page.

All most all websites will maintain a Lead Capture page.
For keeping their Name & Email details, they should have
a database. That database MySql Database.

How to create MySql Database: MySql Database
is highly compatible to PHP Software. Once if you enter
with your username and password, Godaddy server will show
Hosting information. Once you click down to the Hosting
details of the page, It will show MySql Database. Otherwise,
In the right-hand side of the Navigation… Database Coolum will
appear… Click on that. PhpMyadmin will appear. First if you
click on that, it will ask to create a database.

At the time of creation, It will ask database name,
user name, you should mention clearly. After creating database,
you should note in the notebook, the name of the database
and controlling user name also. After that if you click on
database, it will ask to create table name, create a Basic
Table, For example Leads Table, then it will ask columns,
create properly, in our example LeadName and Email.

Then enter two sample rows. After creation of two sample
rows SPECIFICALLY you should observe on the top of the Menu,
It will show the Server Name, Database Name and Table Name.

You should copy paste that Server details column
in Your Notepad file. For example like
wise. Then you should create a Database DSN in the server.
That will be shown as “ODBC DSN Server” Click on that, It
will show a page with your database & user details, then you
should PUT that Server Database detail, previously you copied
in your notepad, including 3306, then enter password.

After entering password “TEST THE CONNECTION” Column, Once
test is successful. Then click OK button. Then it will show,
your Database DSN details accepted successfully. Once accepted
ONLY, your php files will access your database. Remember this.
DSN means Data Source Name. Through That “ODBC DSN” only it
will allow to access your database.

Then finally you can create a Email Page in PHP to receive customer details. Then only your Email-Page details
will be accepted and recorded in your database, finally you can
check your table details also in your database. Please Take care
in Every Step while creating database and DSN details.

If any doubt is there first you can go-through YouTube videos,
Once you have proper idea, then you can proceed properly, Do it
peacefully with a peaceful mind. Generally all will feel that,
for running PHP application, WAMP Server installation is
required or not.

Those are NOT at all REQUIRED. Once your “ODBC DSN”
details are successful, Godaddy Server will give DEFAULT support
to your PHP pages. Keep in Mind, Before “ODBC DSN” connection,
you should create a database with a user name and a table.

On the top of the PhpMyadmin database name you should note
down the Server information, once if you copy that server
information in “ODBC DSN” then only it will allow to
access your Database through PHP. Keep it up.

Wishing you all the best,