Avoid Alcohol: Article: Page 70

Try to avoid alcohol for the time being. Stopping immidiately is difficult, every one knows it, but for the time being try to control it, then completely stop drinking alocohol.

Reasons to avoid Alochol:

1. While drinking alcohol, you will post pone, so much of your works without intention. Once you stop alcohol, you need not post pone anything, you can do anything in time. That saves lot of money.

2. You need not depend on others, for your works, It saves lot of money. It may be carrying vegetables to home, or purchasing groceries in time. For so many works, you need not depend on others, Otherwise your house-wife and children, should do all things. This will become an additional work for them instead of cooking and home-keeping.

3. Family will give good respect to you, they will have confidence on you, You will get some value to your word.

4. Reducing alcohol, will improve the health of your liver, you can eat something better comfortably. Otherwise you can not eat more.

5. By avoiding alcohol, you will get some shine in your face and you will get some confidence in your works.

6. By doing on regular basis, your works in job, your boss will have an attention to promote you further with good salary and responsibilites. Once responsibilites are increasing means, your physical risk will be reduced for the time being.

7. Your barain will get heal, your voice will be attentive for the time being.

8. Complexion will be increased in your face, your glamour will be increased.

9. Body pains will be reduced slowly. Becuase you liver strength will be increased by that, you can eat well, by that you will get energy, by that body pains will be decreased.

10. A lot of money will be saved by stopping alocoho. Before that, you should avoid your alcohol friends also. Try to avoid bad in friends, be silent with a smile.

11. Instead of alcohol, try to take juices in that time. Once you are habituated to take juices, you will never like to take alcohol.

12. So many Soup packets will be available in super markets, If you try to use those, those soup powders are ready-to-mix. So you will get good energy and health.

13. If you are getting sufficient income without risk, that will also lead to drinking alcohol, in such situations, earn money more, earn good properties for your prospertiy. Those may be houses, Plots, Shops etc. While increasing your wealth,Your joy and happiness will be increased, by that way you can divert your drinking habit.

14. Try to avoid completey, for the time being, Alochol group of friends and relatives. It gives great mental piece and harmony in your life.

15. Always have your own taks, works and plans before sleeping to bed. In the next day, It will save your time and moeny, without your intention, you will be busy in your predifined works. By that way, you can avoid alochol.

16. Try to have intimacy with your family, talk will them, try to kwno about their studies and works, you too also involve in their, some works, it gives a great satisfaction and you will get good respect and love from your children.

17. Increase your identity, that you are there to your family. it gives a great prospertiy to you and your family.

18. Do not think about impossible things, If you are able you can do otherwise leave it. No danger at all, It gives mental peace and joy to you. By getting meantal peace you can avoid easilt alcohol.

19. Do not expect unnecessary friends and relatives love. If you are perfect in your mind, for the time being, they will come to your track one day. So future is yours.

20. By all these means, your sexual life will also be increased without your intention. Your spouse will like you, so much. That is more than enough to your life.

21. Suppose your mouth is idle, it is tempting to you alocohol, that time have dark chacolates in your pocket, take it for the time being. Basically dark chacolates will reduce heart problems, It gives natural strength, because dark chacolate is also from green plants.

22. In the long run, your friends will admire you for quitting alocohol.

23. If you are facing any domestic problems in your work area, try to avoid for arguments, try to convince them about your possibilites, If it is a private work, leave it for the time being, to avoid such problems, this will give indirect success in your work. By all these you will be out of alcohol, without your intention.

24. Your family will love the new in you.

25. With your own plans to make you busy in your works and for earning. For the time being, you will get smile and laugh in you. You will be prosperous.

26. Whenever, you will be tempted, try to avoid that will Juices, Vegetable Soups and dark chacolates in your pocket.

27. Try to avoid your alcohol group, even in phones also. They will tempt to you, in so many ways. Your landline phone kept away to your family.

28. Your Eye also will make to do wrong. So while going on the way, any Wine shop is there, do not see frequently, avoid your look alos. If you do like wise, one day you will hate to see that side also.

29. If any work is there to you, nearer to wine shops, avoid those works, deploy others for that work.

30. Try to attend seminars for avoiding alcohol, they will suggest, so many suggestions to avoid practically.

31. Try to attend for spiritual speeches, It gives strength to your inner-mind.
Wishing you all the best,