Chatting in Mobile: Article: Page 78

Especially young girls are mostly spending time in chatting in mobile. Certain extent, it will not give any problem.

If it exceeds the limit, more than 15 minutes in chatting in mobile, leads to nervous problem, for the time being, it should not be chronic.

Generally ladies, to maintain secrecy, in others view, they like chatting. But your look and expressions will say to others, what you are chatting and what is happening easily.

So my suggestion is, instead of chatting in mobile hours together, it is better to talk in mobile, very clearly in simple words, If those words are exceeding the limit, both you can meet somewhere, that is you have to suggest to them.

Generally everyone will feel that, I am chatting, what is the problem to others. That is correct, but you are loosing your health and time, at the same time, we will lost our character also.

By keeping your ear-phones, hours together, it leads to hearing problems.

Reason is, while putting ear pins, air will not go as easily as open, so inner ear-lets will not get respiration scope for refreshment.

If it continues hours together, definitely you will face hearing problems. Your inner ear-lets will be contrasted for the time being, by that hearing problem will come. So keep your ears also, healthy.

if you face hearing problem, your friends and relatives will comment before you only. So do not give, such scope to others.

If wealth is lost, something is lost, if health is lost, everything is lost.

God will give everything while you born itself, we should utilize those in a limited way, to keep up our health and character also.

Wishing you all the best,