Beware of your personal life in your career growth: Article: Page 79

Especially this is the information for IT Engineers.

Generally in information technology, Vertical growth will be there. In this Career force, generally, everyone will concentrate on career only. It is good.

We should think about personal life also, at the same time. At the age of 25 years, personal life is also most important, especially marriage is also important in that age.

If you neglect marriage in that age, for the time being coming alliances also difficult thing. Late marriage will give, so many other problems also. Children born in young age will be active, when compared to age being.

Body is getting age means, sperm count in gents also will be decreased. That is also we should keep in mind. If Sperm Count decreases, getting children is difficult.

If age increases, gents will also get aged girls only. While becoming late, if you are ready to marry at the age of 35 years means, you will get ladies also in the same age or 5 years less.

If you are 35, if she is 30 means, she will also get problems to get children in that age, because elasticity of the body will also be reduced for the time being to ladies also.

If pregnancy comes, they should go for cesarean operation for getting children. Especially for women, after crossing 30 means, they should be careful to get children as early as possible.

So all these problems, we should keep in mind. Career is important, at the same time, we should not cross the limit of age.

If wealth is lost, something is lost, if age is lost, life is lost. So dear friends, my final suggestion is, do not postpone the marriage for career prospects. So Personal life and career, both should go parallel.

Wishing you all the best,