Youth in Sitting Jobs: Article: Page 80

Youth in sitting jobs are facing so many problems, basic problem is back pain, secondary is Urine problems.

while sitting hours together, body will not indicate Urine problem,
While getting only, they are going to bath room, sometimes, they are not getting that signal also, only due to Sitting job effect.

Every one should do a job, no problem in that, at the same time we should take care about our body also, generally, job going youth will take breakfast early at 8 PM, so at about 12 PM, at least once, is better to go for urine.

Even not having the signal also, it is better to go, that care we should take.

Especially back pain, for this, so many sitting exercises are there, without disturbing others. You can see in internet, about sitting exercises, that is also, we can do at the time of processing gap in our systems.

For urinary problems, we should have proper walk, frequently, at least once in an hour, that will elaborate the body, with proper condition, then you will get comfortable urine pass.

This is not only the gents problem, for ladies also.

Remedy for Urinary problem is, you should take water frequently for at least once in an hour, that is the remedy for urinary problem and at the same time, Over heat in the body will also be reduced tremendously.

In sitting jobs, most of the people face over heat problem in the body. If that over heat continues, it will impact on eye, because that is the only sensitive part in the body, for the time being, eye will get contrasted for the over heat, one day, you will face the sight problem.

So for all these problems, Drinking water frequently is the only easy remedy for good health, good sight and for comfortable urine passage.

Wishing you all the best,