Warning to young earners: Article: Page 81

Warning to young earners.

Dear Friends, in the young age, if you are earning comfortable income, your first thought goes to Clothing, you will get comfortable clothing, that is good, after words, you should think about home.

Generally, youth will do wrong step here, Think about home, try to purchase a Gas connection first in your name, even your parents may have one connection but you should have one connection, it will be useful, after your marriage. once you married, your first requirement is Gas Stove, Cooking is important.

Then think about a bike first, it may be first or second hand bike also, no problem, once if you have a bike, at odd times, while going to office, it will be useful, if it is something nearer, you can use the same regularly, for office only.

Then think about furniture, Sofa set, Teapai, Suit case, One Micro Oven, Iron box, Water heater, Solar emergency lights. All these will be useful to you.

Suppose if you put a separate family, all these will be useful instantly, your parents also will not object, if you bring all these.

Suppose if your transfer somewhere, all these will be useful instatntly.

Without your knowledge, unexpectedly, you get a marriage alliance comes, they will see you sofa set, teapai, a bike of you. These are all the minimum, they will observe.

So do not forget about your home and future requirement of your marriage basic equipments.

While getting your first salary, think about your parents, purchase a basic pair to your parents, that gives a great joy in them.

Suppose if you are getting a nominal salary, they will not expect anything.

If you get some more, first purchase a marriage ring, keep it in home, two years or nearer, definitely every one should marry, so purchasing wedding ring is your responsibility.

If you get some more again. purchase bangles before your marriage. those are TWo or Four or Eight, according to your capacity.

Once marriage was done, you can present instantly to your wife, at the same time purchase a Suit for your marriage, once marriage settled, you need not worry for money immediately.

Once you purchase all these one by one, your marriage date will come soon. So think likewise settle likewise, do not do unnecessary parties with friends, do not go to pubs with so much of money.

All that amount, you can spend for your future, it will give a great a satisfaction to you.

Suppose, your spouse side, if they give anything, it will be useful for your wife itself, It will become an additional surplus to you.

So plan your future in a proper way. Get a great satisfaction.

Wishing you all the best,