Warning to growing heroines: Article: Page 82

Warning to growing heroines in Modeling and film industry.

Dear Heroines,
While coming into film industry, in the initial stage, you will be comfortable in all means. Once getting good fame and star value, you should be careful.

Regarding remuneration, receiving cheques, depositing in bank, verifying bank balances has to be done by yourself, otherwise you will be in trouble in so many ways. Be careful regarding this.

Generally every heroine will depend on mother, Sister, Aunty likewise, it is better, no problem in that, but regarding money matter, you should deal yourself, you should settle your accounts yourself. Then only they will be like your relatives.

Otherwise, no one will leave their opportunity to encash some thing. Every Film
heroine, should remember this.

Do not allow any body in your relatives, friends, to take cinemas for their growth, finally they will ask money from you at any extent.

If you are habituating to give, there will be no end for that. Finally that picture will not get success, all these losses you should incur. For their sake, do not accept any picture in such situations.

Regarding career, character role in any picture, you should decide yourself, according to your capabilities.

At least once in a week, see YouTube videos in internet, about the problems of old heroines, in which way, they are suffering, what are their reasons, you should observe. It will give an indirect precaution to you.

By getting remuneration, you should purchase comfortable house, some fixed assets for your sake. At any stage everyone has to retire, in that age, these fixed assets and your house, will keep you in peace in your life time.

These assets, you should not allow, for producing cinemas or something. See your brothers and sisters and family in a comfortable way with your money, for building their lives independently, that amount should not be in lakhs.

If you have good money, you can do marriages of your sisters also, no problem, but the spending amount should not disturb your own loving home and fixed assets.

Do not allow anybody to touch and discuss about your fixed assets and house. If you have such limitations, You will never be in trouble in your life time.

Take returnable fixed insurances for your life time pension, it saves your life, you can cross your monthly expenses.

Do not assume that future is ours, we can save later, no question of later in the film industry. In the film industry, if you get something, save something, then only, you can survive.

In the film industry, Present only is yours, future we cannot assume. Do not have egos or jealousy on any one, your work is your, your performance is yours.

In olden days, each heroine used to do 3 decades (30 years), but nowadays, that has been reduced to one decade (10 years) only. So keep it in mind, in every aspect.

After 10 years, you might be in the industry but that time remunerations will be useful for your monthly expenses only. So keep it in mind.

So nowadays in India, media is increasing like anything, after releasing big banner pictures also playing One week only. So that is also we should keep in mind.

By the power of media, so many young girls are coming in film industry, playing 5 years, then going for marriage, settling in their field silently. So that is also we should keep in mind, for long run survival.

These are all my general suggestions for your life time safety.

Wishing you all the best,