Avoid to go Bar & Restaurants: Article: Page 83

Avoid to go Bar & Restaurants frequently.

Dear Friends,
Please Avoid to go to Bar & Restaurants with Friends and Colleagues. How much loss to you by going like wise, any time, you assume it.

Primarily in home, they will cook for you for night meals. Generally, all employees and business persons, will take night meal in home only, to interact with family and children.

That meals will be void, Curries they can kept in Frizz, what about rice. Morning cooked rice, we can take at night also, no problem will come.

For Night cooked rice cannot be useful to keep next day morning. So it is complete waste. That is your loss personally.

Physical loss is taking alcohol that means wine or beer will affect directly on liver. In the beginning stage, that impact is simple, for the time being, your liver can not consume comfortable food for your risk and work, according to your requirement.

One day your liver capacity will dead, at the same time, You will face, Low BP or High BP. That is another danger to the heart.

So it is better to avoid to go to Bar, In the beginning stage, all will encourage your privacy, then for the time being, they will avoid, you.

It will indirect disturbance in your job or business, Once you lost your flow of job, everything is loss, your colleagues will not allow to join with them without money.

These you will not understand in the beginning stage, once addicted these are the problems you should face.

Going to BAR regularly will affect your body, job, business and all your activities for the time being.

Addicting to alcohol, will postpone all things in your life, even you will not interest to pay monthly current bill, TV Bill, Phone Bill, Water bill etc. in time.

For the time being, it loses your character and respect in your family, in your office, finally you will become void.

So be careful, before going to BAR. In the initial stage your colleagues will encourage, respect you, support you. It gives a great adventure to you in the initial stage.

Once addicted, the complete scene will be changed. Once you lost your Character, everything will lost.

Your colleagues, friends and family will not give attention to your word and smile of you casually.

So change your attitude, stop to go to BAR. Please have a kind dinner with your capacity in home itself, with your family, it gives a great joy and peace to your family and children.

Wishing you all the best,