Stop Cigarette Smoking: Article: Page 84

Stop Cigarette Smoking in Young age.

In the initial stage, it gives a great joy and relaxation. Nicotine in the cigarette will give such feeling. In the initial stage, your friends also will feel adventurous regarding your habit.

But that is in the initial stage, later they will not discuss about you.

Another biggest danger is, if you start cigarette smoking before marriage, after marriage, after 5 years, your lungs completely will become blacken with that nicotine.

Once lungs are becoming blacken in the X-Ray, it is very difficult to come to the normal position. At that stage, even if you stop the smoking also, the old storage cannot be diluted, immediately, it takes, years together to come to normal stage.

Meanwhile you may lost you life also. At that stage after marriage of 5 years, what is the situation of your family, if you are not there.

They have to come to streets for house works, finally your children will become street workers. So is it required to you.

Nowadays without any habit also, so many are going out for common fevers and diseases, without having age also. If you are having this smoking habit, means, how long you can survive, already by smoking, your immune system will be decreased day by day.

So Awake, as early as possible, stop smoking, lead a peaceful and healthy life. Save your children and wife.

Once you are not there, your parents will not give, respect to your wife and children also. Your relatives also will not allow to come to their houses, casually also.

They will keep your family a side, even for occassions also. Is this required to you, Please think over once again. Save your life. Save your family.

Wishing you all the best,