Political Scenario is changing: Article: Page 85

Public are not interesting to give power, more than two terms.

In every election whether it is good or bad people are expecting a change for every two terms. Term means 5 years. Whether it is State or Central Government.

Only in extra ordinary cases only, they are continuing the same. Those are also in unavoidable conditions, if there is no substitute, then only they are giving vote to the existing party or person. So public are expecting to be in power in two terms of elections only.

So senior leaders and elders in the high level has to change the constitution, any person in the senior position especially State or Central Government, should allow them, only two times or two terms whichever is higher.

Indian constitution also, has to change in the same way especially PM or CM should not come to power more than two times. But parties are eligible to elect another person.

Political parties can contest in elections continuously. That will not give impact on politics. By this, Political crime rate and indirect pressures will be reduced to 50% .

Prime Minister should be elected, directly by the people without the support of parliament members. Then only PM can take decisions independently.

For changing existing policies or New policies should be supported by 2/3 majority of parliament members. That gives a stability to the Government.

Same scenario has to be applicable to Chief Ministers also in state level.

Retired PMs, CMs can be in planning board for further suggestions and guidance. In USA American President will be 2 terms only, once term closes, he is not eligible further.

It gives a great change in Indian politics also. Some honesty will come to that position. So Indian people are expecting such change in our Indian Constitution also. This has to be applicable to State Governors and Supreme Court Judge also.

But all should be eligible in elections to contest In Assembly and Parliament elections. They can express their opinions in all aspects honestly.

This change will give honesty to the post, as well as their attitudes also limited to the present issues only. People will enjoy Peace and Harmony.

Wishing you all the best,