Dating is good or bad? Article: Page 87

Dating is good or bad?

It is absolutely bad, because, online dating, they are not putting their own photos, some glamorous photos they are putting, it gives a problem to opposite spouse, that may be female or male.

Over 50 Million Americans are in online dating and some are married also. This is now 2 billion dollar industry in internet. But in this case only 10% are genuine cases, remaining are fake, fake means with fake photos and fake words about their position and process.

So every one has to beware of online dating, 90% are fake cases. But everything we should not feel fake, in that 10% are genuine with their problems and position, what they are.

In face book, college mates, colleagues in job are maintaining their own personal group. In such groups also, liking each other then settling their marriage with the acceptance of their parents.

We can assure that those are good, because if link may come through Face book, even though, they are trying to get acceptance from the parents, so it is something better prospects on each side.

In some face book, stories, they do not KNOW each other physically, they will put fake photos with a glamour photos in online, then they are loving each other, once it increases, really they are cutting their communications even in face book group also.

They are misusing the precious love sense, for fun and joy. It is not good. It is miserable thing, even to assume also, this is big problem to anybody, once they are in love really. So beware of these communications.

At any case, it is better to see each other, once if they are good at online, see their houses, relatives and position, in person, including their graduation certificates etc, check their names and Adhaar ids carefully including PAN Cards, whether they income tax assessed or not.

Especially in rich families, it is better to concern a detective agency also, whether they are really rich and prosperous or not. Once married we can not do anything. so suffering after, is better than suffering before.

Be careful in such matters. Generally parents may be serous regarding our studies and marks, but their thinking is for our prosperity only.

So try to convince them, if really, loop holes are there. They will enquire seriously, with all the needs and hopes.

Generally young people will see the present position, but our parents will think in so many ways, because, they crossed through all these in their life.

So respect parents do not hide anything before parents, express your likings, get their acceptance, then go for marriage. Otherwise, if any wrong goes, on your side, you should face the problem, in your long life.

Please do not go for physical commitment, even after marriage also, your spouse will point out the same, after marriage also, so finally you will be in soup. So do not commit, at any cost, for physical commitment.

So wedding bed should always be pure and sanctified in front of GOD.

Wishing you all the best,