Share Some Work in home to your Children:

Share Work to Children

Share Some Work in home to your Children:

Generally in every family will have two children on average. Up to 10 years no problem, we should not say any work, for the time being, we should allot some work in home also.

Basically mother will be tired so much with cooking and cleaning. So we should allot some basic cleaning work to the children above 10 years.

Beginning Tea cups cleaning, then plates cleaning, then kettles cleaning. Finally we should give suggestion that, in kitchen Sink should be empty without cleanable vessels. Otherwise that kitchen sink will with full of mosquitoes, that leads to fevers and other effects also, lack of fresh air. So be careful.

We should suggest them, not to do at part, for the time being, while going to the kitchen room, some of the vessels, if they clean, burden on mother will be reduced.

Cleaning vessels in kitchen, cleaning rooms etc., these works will reduce their violent feelings in them, Only reading and playing will give in them over confidence, sometimes, they will not understand the risks in home.

If all works are done by mother, means, one day, she will dry out, for not doing anything. That situation is bad to the entire family.

Even at the time of work allotment also, when mother says anything, father should be silent. Then only, children will take positively. That culture every family should maintain.

If they tired something, father can solace them.

If they left them likewise, without working, they cannot hear at the age of 15. So we should habituate them from the age of 10 years. It gives value of life and time in them.

Especially for boys, buying simple vegetables to home, carrying mineral water to home, likewise, simple works in home, they will be home oriented for the rest of their time.

Otherwise they will be addicted to playing outside, unnecessary friendships will develop to disturb them. They will play cricket and some other plays, without understanding the risks in home.

According to our capability and home situations and works, we should habituate to them for the time-being from child hood. Reading and Playing is also important to children at the same time, they should share the risks in home also.

These are all depends on parents only. If parents give, proper guidance, generally they will here.

Wishing you all the best,