Setting Financial Boundaries in Marriage: Article: Page 93

Setting Financial Boundaries in Marriage.

In middle class people, there will be no problem about financial boundaries. Because their income will be sufficient for their survival.

Even in above average families such problems will not come, because, if they have any surplus amount, they will spend for their children, for good education, after education, they will do marriage to them, that amount of surplus will be consumed there. So no problem will come to them also.

In Rich families, they will have lot of limitations in their assets, before marriage. So in such families, it is better to talk before their marriage, what are their assets, what are giving to their children, what is the part of his property, all these, they have to discuss before marriage, then after marriage NO problems will come.

Especially regarding parents properties, what is the part of his property has to be confirmed. It is better to right, such WILL WRITE also properly before marriage.

Otherwise, if couple are innocent, they cannot assume up to end of the parents and they cannot touch such properties. So if they have a Basic Will Write documents are there, he can take a decision what to do further. That time no one can comment on this issue, because “Will Write” documents are there with them.

On both sides, before marriage, parents may give some property to the children for their marriage, they should have a clear cut process, whom has to take the returns of that property, whether husband or wife, has to confirm before marriage, especially that should be in writing.

It clears so many problems among couple. Parents may give right to enjoy the returns, but that property right will go to grandsons, likewise they may right. Generally elders will do likewise only, this is, couple has to understand properly.

So in rich families, regarding financial matters, has to discuss before marriage only.

Sometimes parents “WILL RIGHT” to one of their own houses to daughter’s name. If they give to rental purpose that rent should be deposited in daughters name. But she can spend according to the needs of her family with her choice only.

Such information, husband also has to understand clearly. If they understand each other mutually, these Financial Boundaries will never give any problem to them.

So couple should have mutual understanding, regarding properties and limitations, then only they will have peace of mind.

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