How Birth Control Helped You Achieve Career Success: Article: Page 99

Yes. Generally Birth Control helps you to get success in career. For current stages it may be good. But we should think about our personal life, in the long-run.

GODs intention is, we should be fruitful with children. At least, we should Have one child to our life, to get a "care of address" to our life further.

But one thing I will say. In the younger age having children is always better. Physical reason is, in the younger age, especially ladies will have good Elasticity in their body, in the younger age, without Sizarion operation, they can get children comfortably.

In case of Male also, If age increases, sperm count will be reduced. It gives a big problem to get children after crossing age.

So getting children in young age is always better. So that time, do not seek for Developments in Career. Because without children, there is no destiny to your life.

After 40 years of age, after settlement in your career, You will have good money also, even though, getting children is very difficult. That time your wealth and Position will never be useful to you. Finally you should adopt a child from others. Is it required to you in that age. So take care of your personal life.

Career is most important in life, but that is also, after your personal life only.

Wishing you all the best,