BSC Mathematics:

Dear BSC Mathematics Students:

Value of BSC Mathematics. Once you complete the BSC Mathematics. You will get so many competitive exams to prepare with your Mathematics standards. Sometimes B Tech students also will be idle some time, lack of jobs and opportunities.

Mathematics Degree holders, will get so many opportunities, more than that self-employment scopes are so many. They will never get GAP of service. Another Advantage is, if you will not get any government job also.

You can start tuition point in your home itself.
In the beginning month, it will start with one person, then it grows to minimum 30 students, for the time being. So minimum in home itself, you can earn Rs. 7,500/-

If it is own house, you can spare top-of-the-floor in your house, you can use for tuitions only. Even in rentals also, no problem, even if you change the home also. You will be in the same colony, so, it will not give any change of your service.

Nearer to your colony, you can take classes on hourly basis, 40% - 60% basis agreement. That is Institution will take 60% of the fees, 40% of the fees you can receive. In that basis also, you can earn good income.

Try to be under good persons, instead of good centers, otherwise, they will void the rules, they will be indefinite, in their payments, so, be careful. Try to do in temporary basis only, for the time being, you should have you own setup.

Always, whether it is small or big, your own tuition point will give great mental satisfaction. You can earn per month Rs. 5000/- or Rs. 10,000/- that is secondary.

If you are committing to tuition point for life time, it can be converted as tutorial college for the time being. For that, you need not worry about registration or permissions etc.

Once it became tutorial college, Inter failed, Degree Failed, PG failed and correspondence students for middle class families will join definitely.

My Suggetion is try to get tuition fees, on yearly basis, in advance, because once classes started, we can not pressure them for feeses etc.

One time payment will not give risk to you, to continue, you will have a plan how many are there, how to move further in the year, you can plan.

Once it reaches to tutorial college, your income reaches more than Rs. 1 Lakh per month. Before this, you should have your own plan, struggle and commitment. Once gets good recognition, about your tuition point, nobody can stop your growth, You can earn at least from 1 lakh to so many lakhs per month itself. That is the Power of Mathematics.

So know the value of your Mathematics degree, study with subject orientation, with a practical plan, instead of marks, try to get good subject, then success is yours. Then money is yours.

So these are my suggestions to improve the confidence in Mathematics degree holders.

Wishing you all the best, DONATE AS YOU LIKE

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