Bakery Business

Bakery Business:

Bakery business in India is the largest industry in food processing sector. Bakery products have become very popular throughout the world. Selecting the right product and proper marketing strategy is the major deciding factor in getting success in the bakery business. Bread and biscuits are the most common products but other items like cakes, pastries, cream-rolls, cookies etc. are also very popular in India.

Market Opportunity: There are sufficient automatic and semi-automatic bread and biscuit manufacturing units, still a number of people preferred fresh bread and other products from the local bakery.

The Biscuits are becoming quite popular in rural areas as well. Opening a bakery business is a promising and profitable business venture for new startup entrepreneurs.

License Required: You will need to register the business first with ROC (Register of Companies). You have to apply for a Food Business Operating License from fssai (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India).

You will need to require individual licenses from FSSAI for the delivery boy or delivery vehicle. You will need to ensure the compliance of all the fire safety guidelines. You may also register your bakery unit as SSI from local DIC office. Obtain Vat Registration. You also need to have clearance from Pollution Control Board.

Bakery Business Finance: In initiating a bakery business, you will need to arrange two types of capital. One is fixed capital for setting up the unit and purchasing machinery. The second one is working capital. Hire purchase leasing is available from banks for machinery purchase.

Quality Control: The relevant Bureau of Indian Standards Specification for Wafers(with Amendment No. 2) is IS 2397:1988. The specification for Biscuits (with Amendment No. 1) is IS:1011:1992. You can obtain the details of specifications from the Bureau of Indian Standards, Manak Bhavan, 9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110 002.

Bakery Machinery: you can establish bakery unit by two ways. One is fully automatic setup and another one is semi-automatic setup. Generally, you will need to have following machines for making biscuits, wafer, bread etc.

1. Wafer biscuit making machine. Butter Mixing Machine.
2. Sugar grinding machine. Planetary mixer machine. Sealing machine.
3. Working table with S.S./Aluminium top. Weighing Balance platform.
4. Aluminum vessels, Mats, cups, Mugs, ladle, spoons, gloves, etc.

Apart from these, you will need to arrange electrification and water supply. Raw Material & Production process

The major required raw materials are wheat flour, sugar, eggs, and ghee. You will need to procure other items like milk powder, salt, yeast, assorted fruits, baking powder, caramel color, butter, vanilla, cream etc. in small quantity.

You can get all raw materials from the local wholesale market. In establishing a large scale bakery, you have to setup flour mill included. In making biscuits, mix the calculated amount of wheat flour (maida), vanaspati, starch, water etc. in a mixer to form a paste.

Then pour the paste into the pre-heated mold to bake wafer sheet. Additionally, mix the other ingredients like sugar, vanaspati, colors, essence in a planetary mixer to form the cream. Then apply the cream on the sheets to form sand witch. cut the sandwich into biscuits and pack in pouches.

To make cakes, mix thoroughly wheat flour and baking powder along with cream, sugar, and ghee till it becomes fluffy; add the mixture of beaten eggs to it along with caramel color and chopped fruits.

Mix it before pouring the mixture into cake pans. Bake it for around 30-40 minutes. You can produce pastries in different shapes like square, rectangular etc. from thick cake sheets, butter cream; jam etc. is placed between layers of cake.

Then chill the layered cake and cut with sharp knife into the required shape and size. Sides of the pieces are iced with butter cream or fudge and topped with finely ground cake crumbs or pieces of fruits or chocolate strips and decorated with proper design, color and garnish.

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