Ball Pen Refill Making

Ball Pen Refill Making:

Market potentiality is high for Ball pen Refill making. Every one is using Ball pens. Requires around 200-300 Sq. Ft area. It can be started with 2 Lakh Rupees Budget.

Machinery: Punching machine, Ink Filling machine, Centrifuging machine, Hot Stamping Machine. Required Raw materials: Liquid Ink, Pipe and nozzle, Plastic Wrappers, packing consumables like Cardboard Boxes.

Manpower: 1 Sales Executive, 2 Unskilled Workers, 2 semi skilled workers. Market Growth: In the initial stage, we should introduce about our product in Schools, Colleges and Offices.

At the same time quality is importatnt, if quality is good, they wont worry about cost, even if it is somehting high. For the time being if quality is good, stationary shops also will prefer your product with all other products.

In this filed perfect competition may be there, even though every product will have it is own market. It is a profitable business, in the long run.

Wishing you all the best,