Basic Interview

Basic Interview:
In Basic interview, please give answers, clearly about what they are asking.

Especially, in IT (Software Companies) interviews, they will understand clearly in two words about your position and understanding level.

Regarding experience, before going to interview all will discuss according to their thoughts, do not consider all those thoughts.

If you are having real experience, express that clearly, regarding that subject, if you do not know completely also, you need not worry, in that subject, express your level of understanding.

In campus, students will discuss that, they are not taking without experience and those words do not keep in mind, while going to interview.

If you say any fake experience, they will ask in that level, finally, you will lose your job. Otherwise, if you say sincerely about your experience, they will ask in that level, then definitely you will get job.

Afterwards, while getting job, it may be junior level, after one year, you will become senior. So at any time, do say any fake experience, by that you will lose your existing opportunity.

Be sincere. One thing I will say that, do not fear while coming into interview room. If you want to say everything sincerely what you know, up to that level only, then to whom you have to fear. So fear will not come.

Giving job is his option; your option is express everything sincerely. Then definitely you will be successful.

For open competitive exams, regular practice is must in competitive world. Especially Quantitative aptitude, General English, Arithmetic, clerical aptitude.

Generally Upkar Arithmetic book is famous in the market for continuous practice to students. Everyone should practice basic mathematics.

At any stage do not feel shy to say about your village and family position. If you have any disability and physical problem express sincerely, if they ask only.

Your disability will never become a problem to get a job. Of course certain positions, they will ask in entry level application only.

For staff level jobs they will not feel any objection. So my request is be sincere, in all the cases, what they ask. Then you will get Fitful job.

Wishing you all the best,

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