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Bed sheets and Blankets Manufacturing:

Making Process: Lot of cotton bundles, machine will take thread from each bundle, then it will be made as a blanket, then colors will be added by dyes, printing colors etc.

For making blankets cotton bundles as a raw material we can get from textile industries.

Mahincery: Ready made machinery available in or in websites, some others websites also available to purchase.

They will give maintenance guide and couple of days they will give training also with warrant and guaranty.

Manufacturing: There are several locations in India known for manufacturing high quality bed sheets and blankets.

Locations: These include Solapur in Maharashtra and Davangere in Karnataka, so many favourable places are there in the entire world

These bedroom essentials is fairly easy provided, you have skilled manpower and looms.

However, these locations are known more for their tradition of manufacturing bed sheets and blankets.

The demand for high quality bed sheets and blankets, especially those made of cotton, continues to remain high.

Setting up a small scale manufacturing business that produces bed sheets and blankets as well as pillow cases, is fairly inexpensive. The market is huge and ever growing.

In the long run, you can see profits in this business.

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