Simple Methods to Clear your Past Life SINS

You should pray to Lord shiva or your favourite GOD, Paramtma, Parandhama, Sadashiva, Sarvantaryami, I am saying sorry for the past birth sins, excuse me and fulfill their needs and discontenments happened by me in the last birth. If they take this birth fullfill them with all needs and favour them what they lost in the previous birth. That pray shoud have a mind fulfillemtn of sorrow and repentence.

Then GOD will hear, your prayer and excuse you. He will do favour of your Souls disturbed by you in the last birth. Then your SINs will be smashed out for the time being, aproximately in 48 days, that prayer should be done in the early morning 3AM. This is the Discription from Pyramid Center Yoga Masters.

At the same time in other ways you can clear your sins, in so many ways.

1. Donate one blanket in winter to poor person.
2. Donate Hawai Cheppals to one poor person.
3. Donate Rs. 100 to annadanam in a temple.
4. Donate one Umberilla in Raining Season and Hot summer to one poor person.
5. Distribute Bread to poor people one person.
6. If you are taking Tea in a bunk, observe one poor person for giving Tea.

You can do in unlimited way according to your capability, but above these are basic ways to clear your sins.

Like wise so many ways in a simple way to clear past life sins in a meaningful way. Then you will become Prosperous in all means.

Because GOD (Narayana) in the name of poor people (Daridra Narayana). If Poor people satisfied, he will be satisfied and then bless you. This is the faith of Hindu people. The same will say Brahmakumaris also.

I am not saying that completely pay what you have. Save something for your future life, Spend something for your present life. Then donate something to poor people. By this way, you can balance your life for the present and future also. At the same time in this way your past life Sins also in a simple way. Then you will get good life.

With wishes to all,

Wishing you all the best,