Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model to retrieve information technology services through internet through web based tools, as well as, they can store in the same way.

Simply in this, Cloud is internet, Computing means sending and retrieving required information through Web tools.

Nowadays Call conference, audio, video recording on both sides is going on through internet. Internet is the main tool. Finally at end, it will be recorded in physical drives only. But access will be done through internet only with basic log system.

Disadvantages in Cloud computing: Basic danger is through hackers. They can search for scopes to hack the information. Not only that, Software companies also should take care of their encrypted software.

Once if they lost their encrypted tool, the data will be disappeared, even if it comes also, it is not in the readable format. So software service providers and companies should take care about their encrypted tools.

Some problems may be there, even though, they can cross over with security steps in their software and tools. So Cloud computing is must to every user through internet for their regular usage. Only thing is on both sides through internet, they should maintain a backup accurately with a defined schedule.

Experienced candidates in information technology, need not learn specifically through any institute or something, they can gather everything through videos and through google search engine very easily.

Common Cloud Service Models: Cloud Services are based on the end-user requirement.

Saas: Software as a service, to both ends with computer algorithms and with audit details.

Paas: Platform as a service, a computing Platform delivered as a service. Here platform is outsourced in place of company or data center.

Iaas: Infrastructure as a service is popular in data centers, where software and servers purchased as an outsourced service, billed according to their resources used.

Cloud computing definitions: Private Cloud, Network Cloud, Cloud backup, Cloud provisioning, Cloud management.

Cloud computing articles: Cloud Computing Security Challenges, Small business cloud computing apps.

This is the basic information for beginners, if you want more details, you can
see videos, in Google search engine also you will get so many PDFs.

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