Consume Water Frequently

Consume Water Frequently: For Ladies and Gents especially in growing age in between 17-24 years, body will be changed according to genetics. It is good for all.

At the same time, Eyes will also be most important. In that age It should also grow in the same way.

Certain times with body imbalances by so many reasons, it gets heated, by that effect, it impacts on Eye Retina.

If heat increases in the body, Retina will not be compressed by frequet lighting in the day time, that gives a sight problem.

Once it is not compressed in low light, sight will come. If it is frequently compresses according to lighting and focus, sight will not come.

So be careful regarding body head, body heat increases, it impacts on Retina, so take water frequently, it isolates body heat, then you will be alright in all means.

Take water frequently, but not tae too much water, it gives motions, take water frequently according to your consideration.

If you fallow this principle, you will never get sight in your life time.

Wishing you all the best,