Corporate Hospitals

Beware of Corporate Hospitals: If any patient comes, for 80% patients without need, they are sending to IC unit. Intensive Care Unit, then starting treatment, Settling Celine Bottle, in that Celine Bottle they are putting injections.

60% patients setting in IC Unit is not genuine: After 6 hours they are putting back to Room, actually for 20% of severe patients this is the right, but for remaining 60% of patients, in Room itself of Celine setting is enough without setting in IC Unit. That means Intensive Care is not required, they are doing only for getting money from patients. So Guardians to the patients should take care of this issue.

Another big problem is, If any patient joins in hospital at 9AM, at the end day they are not closing at 9AM. For billing purpose they are moving their time Up to 12AM. So Time is crossed, so they are charging for that day also. It is absolutely wrong.

Some Paients are selling their houses for paying hospital feeses: If any problem comes to their parents, for paying their charges, they are selling their own houses also, this is regarding common people. Their charges are reaching from 20,000 to 1 Lakh Rupees. It should be changed absolutely.

Beware of Doctors: Even for basic consultancy also they are charging up to Rs. 1000/-, it is absolutely bad. It has to be changed; Government has to take survey regarding these hospitals.

Ask their Service Charges Sheet before joining into hospital:
(a) For putting Oxygen what is the rate.
(b) What is the rate of Room.
(c) For putting in IC (Intensive Care) what is the rate.
(d) All basic Charges List, we should ask in hospital, we should take a print out of that.

Otherwise they are charging from Rs. 5000 to 5 Lakh Rupees also, they are charging according to the patient capacity, NOT according to the service.

Ask details of Treatment costs in before and take a print out:
Otherwise they will charge more with high charges. Seriously say to them Charge and take a print before starting the treatment. Nothing should be approximately. Otherwise, they will take the advantage there only. Say to them seriously without bill Please do not start any type of treatment. You say to them, otherwise, we cannot pay anything without bill. If that bill is not favorable to you, you can jump to another hospital.

Always take care about corporate hospitals and their hanging procedures. Sometimes Patient died by Old age, they are not revealing in time, after one or two days they are discharging for money sake. So take care about corporate hospitals and their activities.

Corporate hospitals are becoming real thieves: In modern days they are becoming real thieves, among 100, 10 hospitals may be reasonable, but remaining 90% hospitals nowadays are hanging us, with over billing. Please take Care.

Wishing you all the best,