Digital Marketing

Sell On Ebay: If you are a manufacturer of any product that may be a factory base or home base, If it have good quality and purpose, you can sell those items in Ecommerce site.

Sell on Amazon: Everyone knows pretty well about ecommerce website. If you are making a specific product with good quality, you can sell it in Amazon Website. You can deal with Amazon local personnel about procedures and margins. They will Consider MRP, in that your margin and retail price etc. So you can put your products in Amazon with a good price.

Sell your crafts in, it is good site to open a shop in online, any decorative items, crafts etc.

If you are good at painting, you can join with painting company for wall painting, house painting and furniture painting in random basis, while you are studying, in summer vacation and weekends, you can utilize this opportunity for earning money.

Install an auto responder in your website. This will be useful to the people who leave their email in your website for updates, those emails you can utilize for sending new updates and products details through this auto responder. Your text in the email should be accurate with new updates and information, then only it will give good response to your website.

Invest in shares: Nowadays so many banks are providing demat accounts to process the stock details for buying and selling, but you should have a proper understanding about scrips and their standards. Scrip means one company in the list of stocks. Generally all will invest in secondary market, Stocks in SP also good at investment, SP means Standard and Poor in stocks.

Generally they will be less in price. What every it may be, you should have complete idea about balance sheet of the company, Debtors and Creditors list, company productivity, quality, general sales, everything you should have an idea before investing. Then only you can come into this line to invest.

You are having audible skills, If you are talented in any subject, then you can release audio books, then put it in e-commerce site, then you will get good income.

If you are good content writer, write E-books that means convert it into PDF files, then sell in online, if your content is good, generally will purchase more, you will get income.

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