Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing: Every product or service of a company should have advertising about that product. So we can observe here top rated digital marketing techniques. Final answer of digital marketing purpose is getting Leads for sales.

Top Rated Digital marketing techniques: -

1. Content Marketing: It should be done by bloggers, bloggers will write their own articles to get the attentions of viewers. In the article they will put adds, in their page top, bottom, left and right spaces they will use for advertisement. For product makers that means companies for their products, they will use these bloggers with a tie up in online. some times they will depend on online ad agencies directly for their product exposure. Definitely, they will get long run success.

2. Big Data: It includes Open market and Customer insight, through predictive analysis. It includes open banners on centers, Video presentations in centers, including YouTube Videos.

But it is an expensive exercise. They require open marketing executives, to get the data of Customer insight. Even though, it is must, because, this is only front-end exposure about the product.

3. Display: Display Banners in Media, Paper and through social media.

4. Marketing Automation: It includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Email marketing and our web personalization.

5. Mobile Marketing: Sending Messages through Mobile, Mobile apps etc. Especially CRM Products, Mobile Marketing will give high impact.

6. Paid Search Marketing: Showing Products through PPC(Pay Per Click) web Sites, Google Ad Words etc.

7. SEO: Search Engine Optimization, If product Service owner is having website, it gives high impact on Google Search Engine.

8. Online PR: Getting Page Rank, through online influencers. Submitting
product details to SEO Engineers to get their page into top rank.

9. Affiliate marketing: Through online, It gives high impact through internet.

10 Social Media Marketing: Means putting adds through Face book, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter etc. It will also give good impact in internet.

11.Wearables: Adds on T-shirts, Cloths, Vehicles, Autos, consumer consumables etc.

12. Conversion Rate Optimization: Through Emails, News Letters, Discount Coupons, getting satisfaction levels thorough online opinion polls etc.

This is the compact information regarding Digital Marketing Trends.

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