Do Not Go Back

Dear Youth,

Your political leaders may be good, even though, do not go back to politicians, in that young age, that is the age of studies.

In the Young Age: In the young age, you will not need, so much of money for health, your personal needs will be very less, so you can go anywhere, you will not be tired immediately, that is the golden age for studies or otherwise, you should be in a business or service to settle in future for the time being.

Free Service: In that age, if you go back to politicians, for several needs, that time in that age, they will appreciate you, for every free work of you. Even if they give something or more, that is not your regular income or permanent source of income.

What is your Future: Because, their political power also only 5 years, next they cannot say themselves also. So in this situation, after crossing their power, after crossing your age, what is the future of you. You should think over yourself.

There is no Permanenet Income Source: Good politicians will help you, that time needs, but it is not the permanent source or future to you. What is the problem of you, once crossing your age of 30.

Settlement of Life will not be there: In the age of 30 everyone should be married, should be settled in job, business or service for their regular income. That source, we should not loose for others.

Getting marriage is a problem: If you are going to back a politician, means, who will give their girl to you. Every father will think, that his daughter should get comfortable life, without any problem for their regular food and stay. That is their minimum desire.

For the Age being Health Problems will come: Could you keep that likewise. So it is indefinite. No one can say that. In the age of 30 generally, your parents also get Old age, they will have regular health problems.

Face financial problems: Even if they are good in health also, they cannot contribute everything for your needs, so you have to face financial problems also.

After Crossig age 30: Once crossing age 30, You will not be able to get Government job, because for Government jobs, age limit is 30 Years only. At the same time your body will not accustom to do all things in that age, what you like.

Golden age 20 to 30: So 20-30 meanwhile age is golden age to settle in any field as you like. In that age, your parents will also be strong to fulfill your needs. Once crossing 30 means, you cannot settle in right field, as you like. So beware of your career and age. Settle in a right path.

That should not be your complete life: One thing, I will say, politics is not bad, you can go, in your free times or on random basis but that should not be your complete life. If you consider likewise, you will be good, as well as your politician also will be happy and comfortable regarding you.

Wishing you all the best,