In India 30% population does not know English:

In India 30% population does not know English: Presently It will never give any problem for their routine life. Especially for present generation, English is must, to learn some extent. If you go to any bus stand or railway station or airport, we should have some english knowledge, it gives comfort to our life, without depend on others.

English is must for Corporate Staff: For corporate staff it is must, even schools also, people are prefering heavily to their children. Directly or indirectly it gives lot of comfort for any type field and work. Even taxi drivers, auto drivers, bus drivers also, to communicate in another language is must. So if we know English it will become universal to communicate in English. English is world Language.

Solution: So irrespect of education every one in any age, better to learn english by others help or by self practice or by basic training in any other training center. Nowadays, so many training centers are there to give coaching for Spoken English from Funadamentals. So no body needs to worry to learn English in any stage. So Now English is Survival language in India. It is an inspiration video about speaking in English Language:

For Other than English Medium Students: Step1: Generally some will be studied upto Degree in their own mother Language. Such persons can improve their spoken English skills by Youtube Videos. In Search String type "Spoken English". Then you can get all Videos. You can see one Video in one day. Likewise you can complete videos happily.

Step2: Tey to read 20 Minutes dayily any English newspaper. Just Head lines first, then sub headings. Then you will get some Idea to learn comfortablly.

Step3: Purchase WHREN & MARTIN English Grammer Books Text & Key. It will give complete illustration from A to Z. Civil Service Students also preparing in the same way.

Wishing you all the best,