Electricals Repair Center.

Electricals Repair Center: In this Mixer, Grinder, Juicer, Fans, Switch Boards Fittings all these will come in this. In Home also we can start this. For this, you should maintain Visitng Cards, Repairing Center may be in home or in center, no problem at all.

How do I know if my appliance needs to be replaced or repaired: The question of whether an appliance must be replaced or repaired can only be answered by an expert. All home appliances work differently and have different lifespans. To decide whether to repair a product or not, you should consider if the cost of servicing it is more than the value of the depreciated product and the intensity of the problem. The best thing to do would be to take the appliance to a professional service at the first sign of an issue.

What is the process of repairing an appliance: Though this varies from one service provider to another, the usual procedure is the diagnosis of the issue with the appliance, followed by a report on the issue and requirements of any parts for the appliance. You can then decide if you wish to repair the product or replace it. Even after repairing the appliance, if the problem persists, reach out to the service providers immediately.

If any of the parts in my appliance are replaced, will I get a warranty for it: Most genuine parts come with a warranty. Regardless of whether the parts are replaced in their service centre or at your premises, verify the quality of the spare parts. Get a receipt for all the parts replaced by the technicians and ask for their warranty cards so as to avail this in future.

Repairing Center: Especially if you are running repairing center from home, you should maintain Visiting Cards with Phone Number & Service details. If you are not having any experience in this, it is better to go to trainining center, In cities, so many electricals training centers are there, they will give two months training.

Training: In this, they will train you, about motor winding, soldering, switching, basic mechanisam. Then you can start your services, beginningly, it is better to take first time, only plug and play works only, then after getting experience, you can get deeper in all items repair.

Servicing Components: Generally for Mixies, Grinders, Juicers, motor failures otherwise buttons loose connections will come. So It is better to maintain spares for motors, buttons, base blades etc. One thing is important, Only with reparing services, we can not survive, with that, if you maintain spare parts sales, then it will become beneficial.

Service charges: Some customers will come, for switch boxes in home and for computers also. If you fit all these, you can get service charges also. For the time being, orders will be increased, one day, you will become time-less, you will be busy.

Update Your Setup: For the time being, you can update your setup, like a mini Electricals shop also. So profits are unlimited. In these services and sales you will get margin of 40% INCLUDING service charges. Your monthly income will be minimum Rs. 20,000 to Unlimited, according to the taking risk and options. So Future is yours.

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