Emulsification and Mixing Equipment

Emulsification and Mixing Equipment

Appropriate mixing equipment is crucial to creating a strong, durable adhesive. Glues are emulsions, made by mixing collagen or polymers into a solvent, such as water. An appropriate level of agitation is crucial to ensuring the emulsion mixes adequately. Otherwise, the glue may settle once bottled, rendering it ineffective.

One type of glue mixing is low shear mixing which utilizes a low-speed propeller or turbine to slowly fold the polymer into the solvent. This process is time-consuming, with a vat of glue taking 12-24 hours to mix in some cases.

A more efficient option is a high shear disperser, which typically utilizes a high shear dispersion blade. It works essentially like a large kitchen blender, drawing material up from beneath the mixing head and thrusting it through the blades in order to thoroughly break apart polymer particles and mix the emulsion.

Some situations may require an even more high-speed option, like a high-pressure homogenizer or colloid mill. These utilize a combination of shearing, agitation, and high pressure to emulsify adhesives.

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