Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor: What is his works, He will advise to customers about loans, payments, Insurance etc. Those who are interesting to take loans for their business or factory, it is better to consult Financial Advisor. For Direct business with all securities, you can directly reach the Branch Manager of any Bank, they will give simple guidance. You can get for miscillaneous works.

For regarding, Factories, Institutions, Industries, to take loan, so many aspects will come to the subject. Who are the partners, how much loan is required to them, how mauch they can pay periodically, Sales or revenues are how much for their organizations, Who are eligible persons to take loan, what are the documents they require to produce; all these will come to the subject, for those aspects, it is absolutely better to consider a Financial Advisor.

Some Pvt Ltd companies also interesting to provide loans for genuine persons, all these things, a Financial advisor can suggest well.

Some Financial Advisors are becoming Insurance agents also. They will suggest about insurance also. Almost 60% population are taking insurance policies for their life and future security. Insurance advisor can suggest these things also. Insurance advisors age getting 5% commission from their insurance companies for the collection of Premiums from policy holders.

Insurance Advisors should work hard in the initial stage, suppose if you get 1000 policies in the term of 10 Years, each policy holder premium will be generally on average for 3 months, it will be Rs. 2000, so like wise 1000 policies x Rs. 2000 Premium; means Rs. 20,00 000.

So 20 Lakhs, on that 5% commission means, it will be 1 lakh Commission. So it is profitable, if you do likewise. But all persons can not do 1000 policies in their term, for this dedication, speaking, patience is required to explain policy details to the customer.

Being a Financial Advisor, you can advise for Stock Trading, for Investments also. If it goes well, it is highly profitablle service by overall on your customers. So future is yours.

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