Looking for Franchisees:

Looking for Franchise

Yes... Now all most all corporate level companies want Franchisees for their Business expansion in all most all areas, wherever availability is there.

Examples for Franchisers: P&G is the prime company, sine 2 decades, they are Expecting, dealers, in certain areas, they are ready for Franchises also.

Likewise so many companies are there, Himalaya Ayurvedic products are also Coming in to Franchise business.

Especially we can say, Courier companies are vastly expanding their franchises in so many areas, in all most all areas of India. Those are Professional couriers, Blue dart etc.

In Medicals Apollo, Med Plus etc. are there. So we can say likewise so many examples.

What is the general procedure in Franchise Business:

Those who are interesting to take Franchise, should have a own premises nearer to the Market areas or centers. Own means, he can have a shop on rental basis with a lease Time or monthly rental basis in a long run basis.

Remaining all things will be beard by Franchise Provider Company that means shop decoration, equipment and furniture with stock.

Generally those shops will have specific design according to the product and company, they want to show their brand value and significance.

Franchisers will receive some deposit for taking the franchise. Generally Franchisers are well known brands in the marketing industry.

By that only, Franchisers will take Franchise. Generally Franchisees will get general margin of 30%, then remaining cost will go, as it is to the company itself (that is Franchiser). Generally that will be approximate agreement between company and Franchisees.

Franchise owner will get 30% margin, 70% will go to company (Franchiser) and this is Approximate cost generally going on.

For taking Franchise also, they have to pay minimum deposit from 2 lakhs or more, according to the stock and products.

Generally, there will be no loss to the Franchisee, if they are having tie-up with Branded companies.

Now FMCG companies are going more in the market in providing franchise. FMCG means Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Again they are calling Carry Forward Agents to reduce their risk.

So before taking Franchise, think about all these, then take a good decision to go forward.

At present Dunlop, MRF, Himalaya, Apollo, Med plus, Professional couriers, Blue dart Couriers are going well in Franchise process with good margins and profits.

Wishing you all the best,