Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables are products that have been Cleaned, Peeled, Sliced, Cubed or prepared for convenience or ready-to-eat consumption but remains in a living and respiring physiological condition.

What are methods of food Processing: Food Processing and Preparation activities cover three main fields: (1) the Preservation of Foods by (a) modern methods such as Refrigeration, Canning and Irradiation, and (b) traditional methods such as Drying, Salting, Smoking and Fermentation; (2) the development of Protein - rich Foods; (3) Food additives.

What is fresh Cut Fruit: Any fresh Fruit or Vegetable that has been physically altered from its. original form, but remains in a. fresh state.

What is fresh Cut produce: The International Fresh-Cut Produce Association (IFPA) defines fresh-Cut produce as 'any fresh Fruit or Vegetable or any combination thereof that has been physically altered from its original form, but remains in a fresh state'.

What factors influence the Microbial community found on fresh Fruits and Vegetables:
The authors suggest several factors that may contribute to the differences they observed, including farm locations, storage temperature or time, and transport conditions. These surface Bacteria on produce can impact the rate at which food spoils, and may be the source of typical microbes on kitchen Surfaces.

What are the methods of Processing Fruits and Vegetables:
The methods of Fruit & Vegetable Processing include sugar Preservation, Fermentation, Pickling & Canning is Cooking Fruits & Vegetables gradually with sugar & in turn the Fruit & Vegetable juice is replaced by a saturated sucrose syrup.

What Bacteria grows on Fruit: Bacterial spoilage associated with the souring of berries and figs has been attributed to the growth of lactic and acetic acid Bacteria. Pathogens on fresh Fruits and Vegetables are Salmonella, Shigella, Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli 0157:H1, gastrointestinal viruses, Entamoeba histolytica, and Ascaris spp.

What Bacteria is found on unwashed Fruit: But sometimes raw Fruits and Vegetables contain harmful germs, such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, that can make you and your family sick. In the United States, nearly half of foodborne illnesses are caused by germs on fresh produce.

Why is Fruit Processing important: Processing of Fruits and Vegetables is very important to produce products for direct consumption and as food ingredients. During Processing, the main objectives are to preserve the Color, flavor, texture, and nutrition while prolonging the shelf life of perishable Fruits and Vegetables.

Examples of common processed Foods include: breakfast cereals, cheese, tinned Vegetables, bread, savoury snacks, such as crisps, sausage rolls, pies and pasties meat products, such as bacon, sausage, ham, salami and paté "convenience Foods", such as microwave Meals or ready Meals. cakes and biscuits.

Do Fruits have Bacteria: New research has confirmed fresh Fruit and Vegetables carry an abundance of non-pathogenic Bacteria on their Surfaces; and certain organic Fruits are among the worst offenders. The family of microbes also varies wildly, depending on the type of produce and the cultivation methods used.

How are Fruits contaminated: Contaminated or dirty fresh Fruits and Vegetables may cause food-borne illness. Contamination can come from water, soil, fertilizer, wild animals or birds, unsanitary Processing methods and when food is handled or prepared by the consumer.

Cooking every day often as an issue for singles, in nuclear families where the husband and wife both work and those who shifted to other cities for studies or to work. Sometimes, Cooking a small meal for one or two individuals becomes very tedious after a long day at work.

Solution to the problem is coming up with a way. Cooking requires fresh ingredients that need to be procured, clean, washed, chopped and then used. By providing Vegetables, which have already gone through the process and ready at the final stage to use in your dish or Fruits to consume directly.

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