Games: Especially digital games are effecting children, it is spoiling their time and life. Such common sense if they use for their studies, they will grow up with good knowledge.

Present games strategy is increasing violence in children, it is dangerous to the society. So all Governments should ban all games to children.

It is effecting their EYE health also. Every game in internet main motto is earning money. But it is loss to children and finally to the human society.

Nowadays laptops and tablets are most important to studying children for their ONLINE Classes. So parents are not able to control them for looking Games Videos.

So Governments has to take a decision to ban all games to Children. Especially Cricket is all also time killing game. By seeing Cricket so much of youth are spoiling their time and life.

Especially youth should help their parents in house works. Bringing vegetables, Groceries, shopping etc. It is really helpful to the family.

Human life span is decreasing day to day. From 100 years to 60 Years. Now in the present situation, so this type of day long games are not required. It is a great loss to the family, society and nation also.

Every person has to think about this. Decisions has to come volentirily, then only it will be fruitful to the society. Media also has to think about this.

With wishes to all,

Wishing you all the best,