15% of graduates does not keep in mind tables upto 10:

15% of graduates does not keep in mind tables upto 10:

Graduates should have tables in Mind Upto 10th Table: All most all graduates are well in their subjects including Multiplication tables (Maths Tables in School) in study. Even though 15% of graduates in India does not know tables upto 10. But one thing I can say, they are good at their subject, but not in basic tables upto 10 in their school time.

Basic Knowledge in Tables: Generally every student will have a basic fundamental knowledge regarding tables upto 10th. But some graduates (15%) are not having in mind upto 10th tables. It is not good for them.

In Sales & Purchase Tables useful: Because any where, if you purchase anything, we should have the knowledge to count or multiply basics. Otherwise, they will loose, so much of comfort. Finally they will lost, so much directly or indirectly.

Solution: Irrespect of the study and subject every one should learn tables upto 10th. It is easy for that, we can purchase a tables book, then we can learn ourselves, in home itself. We can practice ourselves in home itself.

Finally it gives, greate comfort and confidence in your life.
We can see here tables in Video:

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