Gum Tape Making

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Gum Tape Making: Gum tape making machine is must in the process.
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The manufacture of film laminates is a continuous process of coating and bonding, with process differentiation defined by the type of adhesive used and how the adhesive is applied and converted. Processes are classified as either wet or dry laminating processes.

Technical Specification: Type Of Machine: Adhesive Lamination Machine
Working Speed 100 To 120 Mtr / Min
Maximum Web Width 1000 Mm
Unwind Roll Dia. 800 Mm / 1000 Mm
Rewind Roll Dia 800 Mm / 1000 Mm
Drying Section Multi Zone Arch Type

Hear Source Electrical / Hot Air
Coating Section Gravure
Lamination Coating Section Heating Roller With Nip Roll
Drive Variable Speed
Unwind / Rewind Simplex / Duplex

Surface modification techniques can also be employed. These methods can include the application of roll coatings (lacquers, primers, polymers), co extrusion, immersion, and plasma treatments. Solvent and water-based barrier coatings are common, as are dry coatings such as varnishes cured by heat or oxidation.

Chemical surface treatments, vacuum plasma depositions, specifically vapor-deposited oxides and nitrides are also employed to improve packaging performance.

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