Hadoop Big Data

Cloud computing is a model to retrieve information technology services through internet through web based tools, as well as, they can store in the same way.

Big Data: Hadoop: What is Hadoop, What is the use of this.

Hadoop is a set of open source programs and procedures can be used for their Big data Operations in their organizations.

Released in 2015 by Apache Software Foundation. It is an open source to use. A non-profit organization, which is useful much behind the scenes of internet.

4 Modules of Hadoop: Each module carries a particular task for a computer system.

1st Module: Distributed File System: Which allows large data to be stored in an accessible format, across a number of linked devices.

2nd Module: MapReduce: Two basic operations this module carries out, Reading data from Database, putting into a format for analysis(mapping purpose).

3rd Module: Hadoop Common: Which provides tools in Java, needed for users to read data stored under they Hadoop File System. That Hadoop File System may be from multiple devices in the internet access.

4th Module: YARN: Which manages resources of the systems, storing the data and running the analysis. Various other procedures, features, libraries will come to the part of the Hadoop "Framework".

Usage of Hadoop: Flexible nature of Hadoop System, Companies can add or modify their data as their needs changed. Today, it is widely used system for providing data storage and processing. More than half of the companies in the Fortune 500 are using this, because of flexibility to link, add, modify and view with maps.

This form of development between organization and commercial users is a key feature of open source software.

Basic Modules can get here in the link: http://hadoop.apache.org/

This will be provided by Apache Software Foundation. Installing and running a Hadoop system, offering training and support services.

Flexible nature of the system, companies can expand and use their data analyis, as their business expands. The support of the open source lead to big data analysis more accssible for every one.

This is one-page description to understand glance, in a compact way, especially for working software professionals. For videos and you can see in "youtube" videos, detailed information and process you can see in google search engine also.

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