Hand Curchiefs Making.

Hand Curchiefs Making: Every one, especially in summer will use Hand-Curchiefs. Those who want to earn moderate income can do this in home itself.

In Alibaba.com, if you search for Hand-Curchiefs making machine, you will get details. Where to purchase, how much is the rate etc.

You can go, then purchase it. Otherwise, you can talk to them, send a cheque to them, then they will deliver that to home.

You can get online also by Debit Card, once you pay through online, machine will be delivered to the nearest point of your transport office, they will deliver DC Challan, Invoice, Consigneee details through online.

Then you can collect your machine from your nearer point of that transport office through your online consignment slip. You can take that consignee online slip, can take print our from any internet office also.

These are the ways to receive machine to your home. They will give a book let also how to do and maintain.

Then you can start your business, you can purchase 100 Meter cotton cloth roll from textile manufacturing company itself, You will get 50% margin if you purchase a rolle of Cotton cloth from factory.

According to the procedures of that Hand-Curchiefs making machine, you can work. Once you set the cloth in the machine, automatically, it will cut including border stitching also.

Your work is folding the Curchief, Packing in Palothyne covers.

You have to select suppliers nearer to your home, suppliers will take Hand-Curchiefs for a particular margin, they will say themseleves, What will be the MRP for customer, For what cost they will take from you, then you can negotiate for your comfortable margin.

For the time being, better to select multiple suppliers

In this field a lot of income will be there, If you increase your sales, For the time being, you can increase Machines and Manpower also. But Please go through according to your sales and collections only.

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