Home Appliances Store

Home Appliances Store: This business demands moderate startup capital investment. However, it depends on the size of your store and inventory. Nowadays Mixies, Grinders, Cookers are regular items having very good demand in the market. You can get moderate income in this field.

Provide product warranty: Home appliance dealers offer the warranty provided by the manufacturing company. Please do inquire about the warranty terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

Essential Cooking Equipment & Gadgets: Mixing bowls (I think 3 nesting bowls is a good number)
Measuring spoons, Measuring cups (for both wet and dry ingredients)
Knives - essential ones include a chef knife, paring knife and bread knife.
Knife sharpener, Silverware, Cutting board, Spatula.

Common Household Appliances: Everyone knows that refrigerators, ranges (more commonly called stoves or ovens), and dishwashers are Appliances. Microwave ovens and even washing machines and dryers are classed as Appliances. Housewares items like blenders and slow cookers are often called Appliances or small Appliances.

What every kitchen must have: CUTLERY. "You don't need many, but high-quality knives will change your life.
A good Cutting Board, Tongs, A whisk, A Great Spatula, A Dutch Oven.
10 and 12 Inch Nonstick Skillets, Measuring Spoons and Cups.

Will they provide doorstep delivery for heavy Appliances:
Most home appliance dealers in Hyderabad provide doorstep delivery for certain Appliances. Please inquire if you will have to pay for the service.

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